Death An Equal Oportunity Employer

The latest figures are in from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which includes hundreds of medical people who keep track of those who have been killed or wouonded during the current Syrian massacres. The new total is 120,296 human beings who are dead. The figures do not include those who have been physically or mentally damaged living through the horror that is Syria. At least 42,000 are civilians incuding 6000 children and 4200 women. About 25,000 rebel fighters are dead along with 48,000 loyalists in either the Syrian armed forces or defense brigades. So, what is the conclusion of this mass murder of people?

1. Conduct a civil war and a lot of civilians die.

2. Conduct a civil war and a lot of children die.

3. Conduct a civil war and people from every group of sect wind up dead.

4. We can never know how many were emotionally destroyed during a civil war.