Death And Destruction In Pakistan

It was Friday evening prayers in the mosque in Jamrud which is located near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan. The imam said in a loud voice, “God is Great” and within seconds the sounds of an explosion echoed through the building and within moments, at least 40 were dead(estimates are this figure will rise to 70) and dozens more were wounded. No group took credit–or blame– for the suicide bombing and it is still a mystery as to why anyone would want to blow up the mosque as people were engaged in praying. No one knows who did the deed. The area is a stronghold of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The explosion came just as President Obama was sending more troops to Afghanistan and pledging to wipe out the Taliban and al-Qaeda from both that nation and in Pakistan. It is a noble hope, but is it realistic? The Pakistan military and its infamous intelligence service, the ISI, is actively engaged in working with the Taliban and other militant groups. So far, there is absolutely no evidence, despite years of warnings and threats, that the ISI will cooperate in destroying what it created. Exactly how will “more” American troops result in a different outcome?

By the way, what exactly is the “Obama plan” to deal with Pakistan’s military? Does anyone know? Unless the Pakistan military ceases assisting the Taliban, any military effort is doomed to failure.