Death And More Death In Afghanistan

A group of new recruits were gathered in an Afghan town when one of them opened his vest, pulled on a string and within moments there were bodies flying in the air, body parts strewn on the ground and at least 37 humans who were dead. Initially, there was thought this death total was caused by a Taliban attack, but it soon became clear death in the morning was due to a single man who was on a mission of death and destruction. A pessimist would say there is no hope of long term peace in Afghanistan, an optimist would say can we at least reduce the incidents of death. There is no leader in this nation who has the ability or desire to surround himself with intelligent, honest men and women. We have in President Karzai a living symbol of incompetence and dishonesty who refuses to remove from power those who steal from their own people. So, what is to be done to prevent further deaths in the morning?

Frankly, we do not have a clue other than placing in charge of this nation those who are competent and honest. After that is accomplished the rest is up to the people of Afghanistan.