Death And No Punishment In Guatamala

It is an undying credo of Republicans that former President Ronald Reagan belongs in a  special  part of Heaven because he is undoubtedly a saint to all who know this wonderful man. After all, he defended the oppressed minority of wealthy folk from  cruel tax collectors who wanted to take away their money. He also protected every thug ruler in Latin America who claimed that he was engaged in a war against evil communists which granted permission to kill peasants who were unhappy with their kind and generous business leaders. General Efrain Rios  Montt was the killer ruler of Guatamala in the 1980s and finally twenty five years later he actually is in a court being charged with something.

However, Judge Carol Patricia Flores, who was suspended from the trial, is now back in charge and she wants to allow oppressed General Montt to go home. victims of the massacres organized by the buddy of Reagan are somewhat upset. Most probably, as in America, those who rob and hurt the poor invariably wind up on Fox News as victims of oppression.