Death And The Wounded Alive In Iraq

American military forces suffered among the highest losses in killed and wounded in months. Suspected Shiite militants send rockets and mortars into the US proteced Green Zone which resulted in the death of two American soldiers with about 17 wounded. The attacks ocurred as US and Iraq units fought members of the Mahdi militia in Sadr City. In separate attacks on a base in the southwestern Baghdad area of Rustamiyah, another US soldier was killed and fourteen wounded. These deaths raised to 4018 the number of Americans killed in the war in Iraq. It also meant the number of wounded in the conflict was now approaching the 30,000 figure.

The Bush adminsitration and Republican candidate John McCain continue insisting that military force is the key element in achieving peace in Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr has called for a million person march on Wednesday to protest the fifth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to American troops. Mortar shells are now falling every day and Iraq civilians and American soldiers continue dying. Iraq needs a government in which Sunni and Shiites work together in a spirit of reconciliation if peace is ever to be achieved. John McCain can urge more surges but, in the end, a political solution offers the best guarantee of peace.