Death Arrives In Israel

Violence has returned to the people of Israel with a vengeance. Gunmen attacked buses in southern Israel and killed six civilians and two soldiers. There is never an excuse to kill the innocent, but it was simply a matter of time before such actions became the norm in Israel. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to work for peace. It prefers a stubborn refusal to offer genuine compromise. For months, Bibi and his cohorts have been warned the end result will be new violence. It has returned and innocent people are dead.

There must be peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It is important to force Hamas into functioning as part of a government rather than standing apart planning violence. For the first time in the history of Israel there is a Palestinian government ready to negotiate for peace and all they have received from Netanyahu is denial of what must be done.

1. There must be an immediate freeze on West Bank settlement.

2. There must be an immediate freeze on construction for Jews in east Jerusalem.

3. A negotiated process by which some areas in the West Bank which contain large numbers of Jews should become part of Israel.

4. Israel must drop its provocative demand to have it become recognized as the “Jewish state of Israel.” This  can not be allowed when 20% of its inhabitants are not Jews. No nation in the world makes such a demand, why should Israel?

5. Israel and other Middle Eastern nations should consider a regional planning process to deal with issues of water and economic development.

Working with other Arab nations is the best way to prevent violence.