Death At The Wedding In Afghanistan

A large group had gathered to celebrate a wedding and the bride and groom were wandering among guests, shaking hands, hugging and exchanging greetings. The groom’s brother was a member of the local police force as were two of his cousins, but this was a festive event with children giggling and playing so no one even considered the Taliban would target them for death. But, this is Afghanistan, this is a nation in which those who insist they carry out the wishes of the Prophet Mohammed kill and maim innocent men, women, and children. Suddenly, guests felt a huge explosion, bodies were hurled through the air, children screamed in pain while others lay inert on the ground as their last gasps escaped into the air. This is Afghanistan, year, 2010, time of trouble, time of religious people who have permission, at least they claim they do, from God or the Prophet to kill their neighbors in pursuit of faith and truth.

I am not from Afghanistan. I am not a Muslim. I am simply a confused human who does not understand how the death of children who belong to your faith is a statement of other than contempt for the Muslim religion.