Death Be Not Proud

Murder of the innocent has become a daily occurrence in Syria as bombings continue, houses are blown to bits, and in some areas of the country just about everyone has witnessed death or wounds inflicted upon a family member of friend. One walks the street of a modern city listening to sounds of death as artillery blasts away or a sniper captures the innocent in his scope. It has now reached the point where a husband and wife push a baby carriage as carnage surrounds their very stroll in the sun. Wheat production is down, factories are barely able to produce items, fuel is in short supply, and one must line up for food even as some man in a tower is placing you in his gun site.

A man told a reporter that while walking his son a soldier drove by and asked the boy, “does your dad havea  gun at home?” When dad attempted to make a joke out of the question, the soldier responded: “shut up I’m  asking your son!”

Such is life in modern Syria. Now, if only a rebel would draw a picture of Mohammad, thousands would join in protest.