Death Be Not Proud

Death is the final act in the life of an individual. The process of death is unusual in that one never knows when it arrives, one never knows if it is the end or the beginning of another aspect of existence. It is the ultimate mystery, the journey from which there is no return. For some, Death arrives in silence, they sigh, greet the traveler who will take them on a trip into the future, and, in quietly proceed. Clayton Lockett is not a nice man by normal standards of our society. He did engage in horrible crimes, and for some the only manner of treating his acts was to execute him. Drugs were administered, but the process did not proceed as planned. For three minutes he groaned and writhed in violent ways. Actually, forty three minutes passed before he was pronounced to be dead.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin refused to delay execution, and so it proceeded. President Obama apparently believes there are some crimes which should result in death, but was upset at the process of this death. Jay Carney, his spokesman, said executions should be carried out, “humanely.” But, when on to say, “I think everyone would recognize that this case fell short of that standard.”

Of course, the vast majority of nations in the world who live in the modern world, have ended executions.