Death Be Not Proud

Russell Bucklew was scheduled to die last night. As this blog was being written is was still unclear if he died or was given a reprieve. He has been found guilty of murder, and murder is a heinous crime in our society. We put people to death for being responsible for the death of others in some fit of anger or madness. Of course, we do not send people to death who cause the death of others by denying them access to decent medical care nor do we send people to death who destroy the economic lives of others leading to depression and loss of will to live. Mr. Bucklew is an evil man who committed evil deeds. A new problem has arisen from actions by European governments to deny access to American death panels of the drugs which cause death. So, what to do?

Mr. Bucklew suffers from a disease which causes malformation in his veins. He could readily if given drugs die from choking on his own blood. So, what to do? I do understand the anger of those seeking to punish one who murdered someone they loved.But, isn’t it about time to end death and to embrace the power of life? Unfortunately, if he dies, murder will NOT cease. That is reality.