Death Be Not Proud For Christians

AsI write, thousands of Muslims in Iraq are doing their level best to murder one another. Oh, yes,both groups claim to be Muslims,only each insists their form of the Muslim religion is the RIGHT one. Unfortunately, it is impossible at this moment in human history to get a verdict from the Big Guy up in the sky who handles these issues. Then again, perhaps the Big Guy up in the sky is too busy supervising a few billion planets to worry about which of the Muslim folk are the right Muslim folk. Miriam Ibrahim was raised in the Sudan. She insists that after dad left the family she was raised as a Christian, but the Sudan government insists that she was raised a Muslim,and Muslim she must remain.

After Miriam insisted that she was a Christian, the Sudan government, put her on trial for the crime of apostasy which, at least in Sudan, to a sentence of death.A judge finally ordered her release, she was with her husband(a US citizen) at the Khartoum airport when 40 police stormed in to halt her departure. I believe there are a few problems confronting the government of the Sudan, like its survival. But, first things first. Miriam threatens the entire nation because she is a CHRISTIAN.

I wonder if there is another planet in the universe with people like those in the Sudan who want to kill pregnant women??