Death Be Our God In Texas

The eyes of Texas are upon the electric chair which has become its symbol of Christianity in action. A female prisoner in a Texas jail, KImberly McCarthy, age 52, will become the 500th human executed by the state of Texas since the Supreme Court changed its mind and allowed people to be put to death. George Bush, when governor of the state turned down EVERY request for clemency for a prisoner. All were put to death-in the name of Jesus Christ. There is overwhelming evidence the jury was rigged on the basis of racial bias in her trial. Those who have spent time with her claim she has become a spiritual person who trusts God.

Anyone who trusts God is an eternal optimist if they live in the  state of Texas. Heck, back in a 1963 Texas training manual prosecutors were instructed not to take “Jews, Negroes, dagos(Italians), Mexicans” or any member of any minority group on a jury. Times may have changed slightly, but not the state of Texas.