Death By Acts Of Nature

I confess to feelings of relief on learning that a tornado ripped through the state of Oklahoma and killed either 94 or 54 or 24. The figure continues to change as new reports  come in from areas that were devasted. We know that an elementary school was wiped out as was a hospital.The two mile wide tornado tore apart the city of Moore, Oklahoma. My relief was that deaths in America or in the Middle East or in Africa were not the result of human action-just dear old nature showing her angry face to the world. For once, we can cease blaming this or that group of humans and fix anger at Mother Nature who apparently is upset about something.

I suspect that in the history of our human race it is rare to identify a time period in which one war or another was not raging. How about a truce among we humans that transfers all killing over to Mother Nature?

Oh, report in from Washington D.C. The Republican party wants an investigation in order to discover why President Obama did not protect the people of Oklahoma from natural terrorists. And, he never used the word-TERRORISM!!