Death By Bureaucracy

A characteristic of modern life is the rule of bureaucrats. Notice that when a revolution leads to the overthrow of a government, those in power who never are replaced are bureaucrats such as policemen or firemen or the guy who checks your gas line. We live by rules, and, in some cases, we die by rules. Emma Sloan, a 14 year old girl in Dublin, Ireland, went out for dinner with her folks to a Chinese buffet. By mistake, she accidentally ingested a sauce containing nuts(she was allergic to nuts) that she thought was curry. Emma suffered a severe allergic reaction that could readily be contained with EpiPen. The family rushed to a pharmacy, quickly explained the situation, and asked for the drug. However, there are RULES in life. OK, you are dying, but the Rule comes first. If we disregard Rules, then civilization will collapse. The pharmacist refused to give Emma the EpiPen, and told the family to check in at the nearest hospital. She died on the way.

Good News! An investigation is now in progress. I am certain it will conclude, we may have to suffer a few deaths along the way, but, ALWAYS REMEMBER, THE RULE MUST GO ON!!

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