Death By Friendly Fire

In every war the concept of men dying due to “friendly fire” occurs and is a tragic event. There is no question the complexity of war invariably results in incidents that result in members of one’s army killing their fellow soldiers. But, in Afghanistan it is quite clear the murder of soldiers by their supposed allies is NOT  a result of “friendly fire.” It is clear after 45 deaths of Americana and NATO soldiers by their  Afghan comrades in arms is NOT a result of friends making a mistake. In the month of August alone, twelve American or NATO soldiers died at the hands of Afghan soldiers.

Training of new Afghan recruits has been suspended until the vetting of these men is reviewed. Frankly, the problem was caused by the Afghanistan government which is composed of corrupt and incompetent men. American soldiers will continue dying because the people of Afghanistan do NOT respect of trust their government.

Isn’t it time to vet the Afghan government??