Death Does Not Take Holiday In Syria

If you wander the streets of Syrian towns the black suited man who walks through streets filled with bodies has a smile on his face at the prospect of new clients for his realm of death. Death has yet to take a holiday from the massacres which daily  lead to deaths of the innocent. UN Chief Kofi Anan got on a plane and left Damascus and even as his plane reached the skies, below hundreds were being killed in cities and villages as death squads of the government proceed to murder entire families including use of knives to slit their throats.

There are numerous sites on the Internet where one can see piles of bodies, women, children, elderly people, and those who tried opposing forces of evil. President Bashar al-Assad insists his men have not done the killing, but some strange group known as “terrorists” who are behind these deaths. Frankly, I place my bet on the dark suited man wandering Syrians towns.