Death Drones On In Yemen

A drone killed some people in Yemen over the weekend. Any discussion of drone attacks encounters the problem as to whether or not those killed were terrorists and the issue as to how does the United States definitely conclude that men riding in a car definitely are terrorists bound for some evil action. US officials insist that “at least nine militants are dead” as a result of a drone that was hovering over the area for at several days. According to the officiaL version, and who can contradict the official version, there was a car with “terrorist elements on board who were planning to target civil and military institutions.” Now, who can be against preventing such attacks, given that the information came from “officials” employed by the United States government?

I am slightly unclear as to what is meant by “terrorist elements.” Does this mean they were people or something that falls under the name of “elements?” How did the US know for certain these men were terrorists? Oh, a local medical doctor claims that at least three civilians who had nothing to do with terrorism also died. But, the good news is the civilians were not “elements” so who cares!