Death Due To Caste And Pride In Murder!

A young man and a young girl met, began to date, fell in love and wanted to marry. His parents and relatives accepted the girl even though she was of a different caste in Indian society, but her parents were furious at her love for one who was not one of “us.” After all, on planet Earth, it is important to be one of “us” and not one of “them.” Yogesh Kumar Jatav, age 21 was asked by the girl’s mother to come to their house for a discussion. Asha Saini age 19 was there and attempted to persuade her mother and father that she loved the man and wanted to marry him. Neighbors heard shouting and screaming including the girl’s voice exclaiming, “do whatever you want to me, please, just let him go.” But, Mr. Jatav was of a lower caste, and, apparently a Dalit–untouchable whose father had worked his way into being a taxi driver. Her father was of an upper caste and had become fairly prosperous as owner of a wholesale vegetable business.

Police arrived at the scene the following morning when neighbors call to inform them the boy’s car was still parked outside. Police found the bodies of Romeo and Juliet bound to chairs and blood all over their bodies. They had been beaten, whipped with electric cords, and finally electrocuted. The beatings must have occurred over a period of hours which meant the young couple were severely tortured. The capital of Delhi is in shock at this brutal murder which happened in a modern city, not some outlying rural village. The father and uncle were arrested and other family members are being sought who, most probably, joined in the torture of two innocent young people. The uncle’s comment was simply, “we don’t feel any remorse.”

I do not believe aliens are visiting this planet. Who would want to visit a planet in which people do not feel remorse over torturing to death Romeo and Juliet?