Death For Gbagbo!

Laurent Gbagbo was finally arrested when rebel forces stormed into his bunker where he has hidden for months and defied the world. This former college professor of history lost an election for the presidency, and then decided to remain in office. He organized an army of thugs who terrorized, killed and raped along with their opponents. These people would never have died but for the obstinacy of Luarent Gbagbo.

According to a solider, “we attacked and forced in part of the bunker. He was there with his wife and his on. He wasn’t hurt, but he was tired and his cheeck was swollen where a soldier slapped him.” He will now be requred to sign a formal piece of paper acknowledging he is leaving the office of president.

There is only ONE possibility at this time. He must be tried before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in order to make clear to other such petty tyrants the price of fostering hate and murder, is their own trial and imprisonment.