Death For The Poor In Bangladesh

I frequently play a game with people. I ask each to check where their clothes and shoes were manufactured. Rarely, does anyone use the word, “America” in offering a response. Our shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, sneakers, coats are being produced in  nations of Asia and the workers are those from impoverished groups who simply will accept low wages in order to survive. Unfortunately, thes people work in unsafe conditons, they work long hours, and receive minimal pay since owners have but one goal-make money. A clothes factory in Bangladesh collapsed this week with early estimates of  300 dead, but the final total might exceed 1,000.  No, the factory did not suffer from a fire, it just sighed and collapsed — of age?

Rescue efforts are hampered by lack of modern equipment and people are even using their bare hands to get rid of debris as they seek to find bodies. For some reason, when hundreds were initially evacuated, they were allowed to return for personal effects resulting in even more deaths.

Initial reports indicate the owner built the factory on marshy land and paid bribes to endanger the lives of workers. In reality, since they are poor people, there will be no punishment for wealthy people who murdered them.