Death Goes On And On In Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan insists the cause of death in his nation is NOT the result of action by members of the Taliban, but stems from action by American and NATO troops. He IS right to identify drone attacks and plane raids as having resulted in the death of innocent people. He IS right to insist that such raids end. But, he is NOT right to insist the major cause of death arises from actions of American and NATO forces. Just about each day there is another example of indiscriminate Taliban assaults on innocent people that do not serve any military objective other than murder and mayhem in order to create a climate of death and fear.

Yesterday in Kabul, a group of Taliban teenagers entered the Hotel Serena, a noted establishment which serves the needs of wealthy Afghans and foreigners. Somehow, despite metal detectors and security guards, the boys pulled out tiny handguns and blasted away in the restaurant. By the time they concluded this assault two foreign girls were dead and seven Afghans were dead including a famous newspaper reporter. Oh well, Karzai undoubtedly will blame the West and forget about the East.