Death Goes On And On In Cairo

The horror that is now sweeping across Egypt has no father of Death, it simply has engulfed the entire nation as groups and individuals vie to demonstrate a taste for violence and Death. The latest count is about 525 people are dead and who knows how many are wounded. Of course, there are wounds to the body and wounds to the soul. Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi supports the attacks by the Army upon Muslim Brotherhood facilities while Vice President Mohamed ElBaredi has resigned in disgust. Frankly, there are no “good guys”but many “bad guys.” One waits in wonder at failure of former President Mohamed Morsi making a statement to his followers to halt their protests and allow time to proceed with a new government. Morsi created this horror by his ineptitude, his refusal to include those of differing viewpoints to share in governance and his support for MB thugs who attacked Christian churches and secular forces in society. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan blasted the Armed forces for killing people. This from a man who sent police and troops to attack Turkish people who were peacefully protesting.

The future looks bleak. The MB wants to regain power. Their leaders have yet to explain what they would do differently is returned to power. The Army is determined to end extreme Muslim groups. Secular forces just want the end of the MB and Death proceeds on its road to hell.