Death In A Drug Rehabilitation Center

The death of nineteen men in Mexico will make the daily headlines for a day, people will gasp, and then go on with their lives. After all, the death of nineteen men in a drug rehabilitation center is of no more than passing interest in a country in which death related to drugs has become the norm, not the exception. A band of 30 mean burst into the Faith and Life Center, compelled men to lie face down and then proceeded to kill them on the ground they were “criminals.” We have no idea who the 30 gunmen were, did they represent the force of authority, were they members of a drug gang, or were they simply interested citizens who wanted to do something about drugs in their country? Who knows, who cares? The “WAR ON DRUGS” goes on and on, death goes on and on, and the end result is we become indifferent to death in the afternoon.

An initial step in winning the WAR ON DRUGS is making drugs legal and focusing on aiding individuals to secure medical and psychological assistance in dealing with drugs. Only then will everyone be safe from drugs.