A woman had an argument with her husband and their shouting became angry and vicious as each exchanged words of hate. She grabbed her children, stormed out of the house, and placed the kids in the van. She mumbled words of disgust for her life and the man she had married. She wondered what had ever possessed her to marry this man who lacked any sense of compassion or ability to love. As her mind raced through these words of contempt, she gazed at her five year old, the little two year old and the baby in the car seat. Her ten year old son kept on asking if she was OK.

She halted the van. She asked her ten year old son to step outside but he remained in the vehicle. She closed the door, turned the ignition key, and began the car. She headed down a road leading to the Hudson River. There was a barrier but her van burst through it, slid down the slope and plunged into the river. The ten year old got the window open and escaped. He ran for help, but it was too late.

It was just another Tuesday in the state of New York. On this day, a woman and her three young children drowned to death in the Hudson River. Such is life in America, circa, 2011.