Death In Afghanistan Of Another War Lord

Ahmad Karzai was a powerful man in Afghanistan. Besides being a brother of the president, he was long charged with being involved in drug running, kleptocracy, and money-laundering. If you wanted something done, check with Ahmad, he knew the right people back in Kabul who would do things if the price was right. In October, 2009, the New York Times printed an article charging Ahmad was a key player in the international opium trade, part of whose money helps fund Taliban fighters. According to the article, he had connections to the Taliban while working for the CIA. Although there were reports he secretly dealt with the Taliban and that he lived in a house owned by a drug dealer, the brother of the president never feared going anywhere other than to a large house and the bank in order to deposit more money. He was at home talking with some folks when one of his bodyguards took out a weapon and killed the president’s brother.

Let’s face reality. The government of Afghanistan is run by a gang of crooks, they are buddies of the Taliban and all they want is money. Actually, if you send them guns,t hey can always sell them to the Taliban.