Death In Afternoon In Afghanistan

It was a sunny day in a small town in Parwan province in Afghanistan. This area is rather close to the capital of Kabul.  Someone decided to make a video which depicts a Taliban soldier walking toward a kneeling woman dressed in a blue burqa with her head lowered. The Taliban soldier places his rifle to her head and fires five bullets. As her head splatters on the ground, cheers come from about 150  men who shout praise for the death of this woman.

Her crime? She was charged with the crime of adultery. A man in the crowd shouted with glee: “It is the order of Allah that she must be executed.” She is a woman. Men decided she was guilty and, naturally, there was no trial, no jury of her peers, just a bunch of bearded men who are convinced they know what God wants or does not want.

Question: did any of these men have sex with a woman who was not their wife?