Death In Afternoon In Pakistan

Mourners had gathered for a funeral yesterday morning in Pakistan. Family members and neighbors came to put to rest the bdoy of a man who was fighting in the local militia against the Taliban. A young boy approached the group, smiled, placed his hand inside the jacket, and detonated a bomb that killed 31 people and wounded dozens. Even as he was blowing up innocent people, another suicide bomber in Punjab killed 25 people. Suicide bombers have been present throughout human history and, undoubtedly, they will be around in the future. Most probably the young boy was a member of the Taliban which is fighting local militia in northwest tribal sections of Pakistan.

One cannot prevent all suicide bombers. But, the absence of Muslim religious leaders is a shocking example of failure in leadership. Clerics must united and denounce such atrocities against innocent Muslims. In situation after situation of human rights, there is silence from religious leaders.