Death In Bulgaria

A bus filled with tourists from Israel was driving through the streets on its way to an interesting  locale. People were chatting, laughing and enjoying the experience of being in another country. A man stood up, looked around the bus, reached under his shirt, and pulled a string. Within seconds there were the cries of wounded people and dead bodies lay amidst the carnage.  A suicide bomber had blown himself up along with innocent humans.

As in most such cases, post death arguments arise as to who is to blame and what is to be done. The president of Bulgaria claims he met with Mossad agents and no one warned of such possibilities. Prime Minister Netanyahu is certain Hezbollah is behind the deaths. As long as their is no resolution of the Palestinian-Israel conflict there will be deaths of the innocent. There is always some individual willing to die for a “cause.”

Such bombings can not be stopped anymore they they can in Afghanistan or Iraq. Peace and reconciliation are the best ways to avoid such horror.