Death In Cairo-And We Mean-DEATH

The war in Egypt is now in full force. Since the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi as president of the country, death has become an ongoing event in the streets of Cairo. Thousands of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have rallied to the support of Morsi, who is now a prisoner of the army. Yesterday, Egyptian security forces launched a massive attack on those protesting the ouster of Morsi. The Brotherhood claims that over 60 are dead. Doctors in hospitals are reporting dozens of dead bodies with still more wounded pouring into their facilities. According to Dr. Amr Gamal, “there are now too many bodies to count.” There are reports that snipers are firing into those gathered in protest. The Egyptian military made no secret of its intention to clear the crowds from their encampments in Cairo.

This conflict is among the strangest in the world. There is no doubt that Mohamed Morsi was an incompent bungler and that his policies were designed to ensure power for the Muslim Brotherhood and end democracy in Egypt. Actions of the Egyptian army are violent and are adding to the conflict in society. What can be done?

1. Mohamded Morsi should be allowed to speak to the public and urge negotiation over composition of a new government.

2. A new interim government should include representatives of the MB.

3. The MB must accept the reality that most Egyptians will not allow the return to power of Morsi. It is time to move on.