Death In Damascus

The beat of death goes on and on in Syria. President Bashar al-Assad continues to send his emissaries of violence into towns, he demands loyalty and what  better way of proving loyalty than to kill innocent people. In town after town Syrian troops fire away murdering dozens at a time. Those who initiate the process of death call into existence death as a norm of behavior. Thousands of Syrians have known the anguish of a relative, a child, a father, a mother who has been murdered by Assad’s denizens of death.

The end process of death is death. A series of explosions rocked Damascus leading to the death of 55 people and wounding of others. Suicide squads most probably caused this violence. Supporters of Assad blame dissidents while opponents claim the explosions were the work of Syrian secret service which was attempting to blame dissidents. Al-Qaeda now claims it was their work.

Death will be a guest in homes all over Syria until President Assad ends the madness by leaving the country and allowing free elections. As of this moment, he has called into existence emissaries of Death.