Death In Egypt

Egypt has always played an important role in the lives of people within the Middle East. It is a divided nation. One part is connected to the outside world of Europe and Asia, one half is closer to the world of a villager in this land. The incompetent bungling of former President Morsi has torn apart the country b ecause he failed to create a viable government which included secular groups, representatives of the Coptic religion and all branches of the Muslim religion. The military has returned to power with vengeance and intends to crush any effort that restores militant Muslims to power. We are at the beginning of a civil war whose end inevitably will result in some form of dictatorship-most probably led by the military.

Six Egyptian soldiers were murdered by Muslim militants near the Suez Canal Morsi folk are now allying with REAL militants and the stage is set for war and war and death and death. Death will not be taking any holidayss.