Death In India

It was just another day in the northwest region of India. People went about their daily business, children were laughing, mothers were cooking dinner, fathers were chatting with friends, and then they came. Members of the Bodo ethnic group do not like Muslims, they do not like strangers, they do not like the modern world. They have one desire –to carve out a Bodo nation and depart from the country of India. Muslims are a minority in India which is mainly a Hindu society, but the Bodo ethnic group blames their anger. So, how did they handle their anger? They entered a town which was mainly Muslim and proceeded to kill. They killed men, they killed women, they killed small children, and they burned and burned and slaughtered because their cause required death and destruction.

By the time they were able to calm down their anger at least 30 Muslims were dead and dozens of homes had been burned. No, they did not leave with a new nation. They simply left feeling satisfied they had adhered to the teaching of whatever God they follow. Kill the children, that is what their God demands, and so they did.