Death In Iraq

As I recall, several years ago, former President George Bush was pleased that his famous, “surge” had ended violence in Iraq. I was happy to learn from President Obama that violence is down in the fair land of Iraq and the government now has things under control. But, for some strange reason, just about every day there si another report of suicide bombers and killings and death. Of course, these events might simply be the result of the media’s effort to depict failure rather than success in Iraq.

Yesterday, militants stormed the provincial council building in Tikirt, former hometown of Saddam Hussein, and by the time the day was over there were 58 dead people and 97 wounded. Initial reports were that six of the dead were men who did the storming so I can assume the others were innocent bystanders or members of security forces which did their storming of the building.

I assume that George Bush reads these stories about death and violence in the country to which he brought peace and prosperity. I wonder how George reacts to these stories? I wonder if he has any sense of what he caused in the Middle East. Of course, I am one of those “liberals” who arouse the anger of Fox News reporters.