Death In Medieval Iran

Sakineh Muhamed Ashtiani is an ordinary woman in Iran, and beyond that point, the remainder of her story is filled with ambiguity in securing the truth in cleric run Iran. Initially, she was charged with “having an illicit relationship outside of marriage” and sentenced in true medieval manner to death by stoning. The story became an international sensation as people throughout the world protested this act of barbarism. Yesterday, she appeared on Iranian TV to recount in a trembling voice that she had conspired with a cousin of her husband to murder him in order to cover up their sexual relationship. Her lawyer, Houton Khan, no longer in Iran, said “she was severely beaten up and tortured until she accepted to appear before the camera” and tell what the Iranian government wanted presented. The entire episode is not unusual, given that Iran’s government kills its own protesting students and claims they are western agents.

A few weeks ago, Ms. Ashtiani told an interviewer from the UK Guardian, “i was found guilty of adultery and acquitted of murder.” The world knows what happened and torturing a woman to get a confession will not wipe out Iran’s medieval brutality.