Death In Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s largest nation in terms of population and among its wealthiest nations. Of course, when one mentions “wealth” in association with Nigeria it means a small group of thugs and thieves who control oil production and use that oil to become even more wealthy. For the past few years Nigeria has been plagued by a band of nut cases who call themselves Boko Haram and whose desire in life is to kill, kill and kill in order to restore a perfect Muslim world. They enter villages and just murder at will in order to prove the Muslim religion is more powerful than any Christian one. They launched an attack on the Giwa Barracks which is also a detention center. It holds hundreds of ordinary citizens suspected of crimes as well as petty criminals. During the attack hundreds fled the detention center. That was probably their worse error in life.

A doctor told the media that as prisoners fled, army units were waiting outside and began to blast away. Up in the sky fighter planes swooped down and blasted away with machine guns. It soon became a massacre in which a few Boko Haram prisoners were murdered along with hundreds of those in jail for petty crimes or those awaiting a trial. The doctor estimated they sent about 500 bodies for mass burial. General Olukolade argued: “you can’t differentiate attackers from those who joined them.” Of course, there are previous reports of the Nigerian army blasting away in a village using the argument they can’t tell the good from the bad guys.

Guess who are the real bad guys?