Death In Nigeria

Members of Boko Haram approached the boarding school in which dozens of Nigerian students lived and learned. There were  no soldiers in sight, no men guarding these children who came from struggling farmers seeking to aid their families and honor their religion. It did not take much time before these Islamist militants had blasted the school and set fire to it. As children fled for their lives they were gunned down or forced to remain in the burning building.  I am certain these Islamic fanatics are happy tonight. They killed Muslim children, they destroyed another school and they honored the Prophet. This was another center of learning that was destroyed, another center of evil banished along with its inhabitants.

Who are these “men of God?” Where in the Koran is there any sense of hate for education? Ironically, these are men of ignorance. These are the same Islamic militants who destroyed ancient Muslim religious texts in Mali. I am baffled as to how they hate their own heritage? Who are these men of ignorance and self hate?