Death In Ohio, Another Example of Guns Gone Astray

There is one heresy which is not allowed in Gun Crazy America, no one is allowed to point out that allowing 200,00,000 Americans to possess guns can lead to increased deaths. We do not dispute NRA claims that people, not guns, result in deaths, but making it easy to allow anyone to get a gun, can also result in more, not fewer deaths. It was just another day in the quiet town of Copley Township in Ohio, people were caring for lawns, some sitting down for a morning meal when the sound of gunfire filled the air.

A man began shooting his family members. Neighbors gazed out their windows to see bodies falling on the lawn of a house on their street. A few men went out to examine bodies, but the shooting continued. Finally, police arrived and shot the man who was killing kin folk. At least eight are dead including teenage children.

It was just another quiet day in the quiet town of  Copley Township and we are convinced the NRA will denounce anyone who dares to raise questions concerning why guns are so readily available in the quiet towns of our nation.