Death In Pakistan, God Triumphs?

He was a man walking down the street talking to himself and muttering meaningless words. In most cities of the world, those walking past this unfortunate man would shake their heads and go on with normal existence. But this was in the city of Bahawalpur which is located in a very religious conservative area of Pakistan. The  man began to rip apart his copy of the Koran which caught the attention of police. He was taken to the police station for questioning.

Several mosques began to broadcast on their loudspeakers news of a man who had torn pages from the Koran. Men were urged to proceed to the police station and get this man. Thousands converged on the police station, stormed it, dragged this confused individual out, beat him to death and then burned in body– in the name of God, one assumes. The mob also beat up policemen and burned the home of the police chief.

Just another day in Bahawalpur, just another example of religious madness, just another day to honor God by beating to death an unfortunate man.