Death In Pakistan

I do not know about most Americans but I sleep peacefully at night knowing that Barack Obama is my leader and president. I know that every night our president is at the NSA or the CIA or Army Intelligence or any of the other dozens of places where gallant Americans are checking phones and emails and God knows what else in order to trap one of those spies who threaten the foundation of our society. And, it is reassuring to know that the President-himself– authorizes the execution of each and every bad spy who is preparing to blow up our entire nation.

For example, American drones appeared over Pakistan–that is the name of some country which claims the outrageous right to supervise its own skies! From the sky came God sent missiles which proceeded to blow up nine “SUSPECTED” militants who claimed the right to be in Pakistan in areas that we Americans do not allow anyone to inhabit without our expressed permission. Within moments nine were dead including two foreigners.

Heck on Saturday night two “foreigners” were riding a motorcycle and they were not native born Pakistanis. So, what else could our folk in Virginia do but blast away. It says very clearly in our US Constitution that no foreigners are allowed to ride bikes in Pakistan without obtaining authorization from the American government. WE Americans reserve the right to kill anyone we think is a threat to our lives. It says so in the US Constitution!