Death In South Africa

Those  who lived during the horrible years in South Africa when the white government disregarded the rights of black skinned people,  we can never forget bloody scenes in which white police fired upon crowds of demonstrating citizens of South Africa. We all expected that once Nelson Mandela helped create a modern multi-cultural society those days of blood and death were no longer going to appear. Alas, the dreams of yesterday, have been transformed into the nightmares of today.

A group of black miners were demonstrating. Yes, they had sticks, yes, some carried machetes. Black and white South African police approached the crowd and began firing without restraint. When their bullets smashed into bodies, the end result was that 30 men were dead and untold dozens wounded. The media depicted white and black police wallking casually past the bloodied corpses of black men lying crumpled in the dirt.

Most have returned to work. But, the legacy of death lingers on and old memories are resurrected.

It is a sad day for democracy in South Africa.