Death In Syria

It was a hot summer day in the village of Treima in Syria. People were attempting to go about their daily lives until suddenly shells began to fall in their midst. Government forces fired artillery, tanks burst into their streets, helicopters hovered overhead blasting away at the villagers. A shell hit the mosque, it collapsed and those inside died. The death rattle of Bashar al-Assad went on and on. Naturally, the thug leader of Syria insisted this attack on a village was simply an attempt to crush terrorists. What better way to destroy terrorists by being one?

In Damascus, young people danced at their night clubs or held parties in their homes. It was a joyous summer evening of fun and laughter and silence concerning the death of 200 of their fellow Syrians. In Cairo or Tehran or Istanbul no crowds of Muslims appeared. No group of imams chanted hate toward Assad in the streets of any Muslim city.

Of course, if someone printed a cartoon, that would be a different matter and call for cries of revenge. 200 dead, so what?