Death In Syria Continues Day After Day

The politics of death continues wandering through the streets of Damascus and other cities in Syria. Scarcely a day goes by without a new report of bombing, murder, destruction and death. Yesterday, a group of gunmen assassinated the brother of  Parliament Speaker Mohammed Jihad Laham. It was just another morning, it was just another day for Mohammed Laham, only he had the misfortune to bear the name of Laham and this meant death. Of course, others died in Syria yesterday, only they did not posses an important name. President Assad refuses to recognize that he not only has unleashed war against his own people, but he has unleashed war against his own allies.

A Turkish news agency reported that seven Syrian generals had defected. But, the war will continue and continue and continue until one day President Assad realizes the next death will be his own or that of his family. Frankly, one more discussion about peace will simply be one more discussion.

Assad dead, or Syrians dead.