Death In Syria Goes On And On

Another year of violence in Syria and Iraq will soon be upon us. Another year of murder and violence and people fleeing for their lives will soon be upon us. An estimated 100,000 Syrians have been murdered and an estimated seven million driven from their homes. Yesterday, Syrian Kurds seized a border crossing from al-Qaeda elements and a few thousand more people were heading some place, any place where they will not be killed by those who belong to their religion. President Assad clings to power, secular Muslims cling to their beliefs, Islamist militants insist their ideas must prevail in Syria and a few hundred die in agony. There are no more words to express of horror, there are no more platitudes to urge on the people of Syria. Death is their daily companion and death is always used to justify the murder of innocent whose only crime is to live in Syria or in neighboring Iraq.

Frankly, I have run out of words to write. The current world resembles the years in Europe when Catholic killed Protestant and vice versa. It took over a hundred years to conclude that madness. I assume this slaughter of the innocent will not end until the year, 2100?