Death In Syria, Silence Among Arabs!

The Muslim world exploded in rage against dictatorial regimes and decried brutality and violence toward those seeking democracy. Hundreds of Palestinians marched to the border with Israel and peacefully demonstrated for peace and an end to violence. However, in Syria a MUSLIM regime has already killed 1,300 people and wounded thousands, but no Muslim leaders are urging their followers to come to the rescue of fellow MUSLIMS. President Bashar al-Assad has dispatched his nut case younger brother, Maher with the notorious 4th Division to the town of Jisr al-Sshughour in which people are resisting the armed forces. This division enjoys brutalizing, raping and killing people. Hundreds of people from the town fled to the border with Turkey and most are being allowed to enter and secure safety from the oncoming campaign of terror.

However, there is absolutely not sign, no evidence, no group of imams who might join with the oppressed people of Syria. Turkey dispatched a flotilla of ships to Gaza in order to stand up to Israel brutality. How come no Flotilla to Syria? How come no demonstrations in Arab nations against Assad?

The answer to these questions is simple: HYPOCRISY among the people of Arab lands. They march on Israel brutality, but remain silent when it comes to Syrian brutality.