Death In Syria, Silence In Streets!

I am not a Muslim, but I am a member of the human race and when murder and brutality occur it is my responsibility to support efforts to end such practices. I am a Jew and the death or oppression of Muslims is my concern. At least 10,000 civilians have been murdered in Syria and the silence is deafening. Muslim crowds surge into streets at reports of offensive  cartoons or mistaken examples of burning copies of the Koran, but there are no such demonstrations when Muslims are murdered by Muslims!

A few days ago, the Shabiha murderous thugs who support President Bashar al-Assad entered the village of Al-Kubeir and murdered 87 people, including  women and children, but I have not heard any outcry from Imams who yell about cartoons! Where is the anger of Imams? Where is the anger of Muslims? Imagine the fury that would erupt if an Israeli policeman killed a child?

But, there is nothing but silence at the death of innocent children in Syria!