Death In Syria

It is the Memorial Day weekend in America, a time to remember those who died in the  fight for freedom. Alas, it  is not Memorial Day weekend in Syria where government forces unleashed a brutal attack on the residents of Houla that left nearly a hundred dead, including three dozen children. UN inspectors wander around Syria daily witnessing death and destruction. They encounter  explosives, shelling and tanks blasting away at civilians. In Houla they discovered bodies knives to death as well as those blown up with shells.

President Bashar al-Assad insists al Qaeda is responsible for these murders. I guess  my own ignorance resulted in lacking awareness that al-Qaeda had tanks and artillery to blast people. I thought they relied on roadside bombs. Unfortunately, US officials are citing al-Qaeda in Syria which is simply a Assad endeavor to shift blame from his forces to the ever evil al-Qaeda.

By the way, where are the imams who are ready to protest Koran burning  but not  human burnings??