Death In Tehran Goes On

Death does not have an appointment in Samarra, he is visiting major cities in Iran where brave people fight against the corrupt and brutal regime of Ahadinejad. As thousands poured into the streets shouting curses at the government, burning motorcycles and cars, their fury could not match that of a government which has lost sight of its purpose in life–to serve the needs of the Iranian people. Police wielding batons slugged people to the ground and as the conflict grew worse, members of the Iranian security force fired weapons and killed the nephew of opposition leader, Hossein Mousavi. The murder of four people just infuriated the crowd which chanted, “I’ll kill. I’ll kill the one who killed my brother.”

Naturally, government sources denied anyone had been shot, let alone killed. There are pictures of the dead individuals, but to the government of Iran their only response is brutality and murder. The real issue is what will happen in the coming weeks. Will the Iranian government go all the way and impose a complete dictatorship in the nation? Will clerics finally begin to realize what they have unleashed with their program of hate and violence? Will the Iranian army impose its own form of dictatorship?