Death In The Afternoon

Patrick Joseph Graves was a hard working man who labored for a company. He spent each day wondering whether or not the company would downsize, send his job elsewhere and what then would become of his family. He had a  loving wife and three children. A few weeks ago, Graves was summoned for an evaluation session that did not produce the results he desired. He left in confusion and fear. What would happen to his family if he was fired.

The Graves’ nightmare is felt by millions of Americans during their waking hours. I made a mistake, I goofed on the order, and in this day and age that could result in being fired. The ghost of failure and loss of job haunted Mr. Graves. Finally, yesterday, he went to his car, locked the door, took out a pistol and shot himself in the head.

I am certain today in Congress Republican leaders will be shouting need for firing more people, for denying training for those who are fired, and for continuing to dwell on the needs of those who have millions.

It was just another day in America. A man died.