Death In The Afternoon

His friends depicted him as an addict who could never get enough heroin into his body to gain satisfaction. They said,despite his success and fame, there still remained the power and attraction of heroin for this man of many talents. Ordinarily, he took the heroin while alone, most probably listening to some favored musical pieces and drifted off into another world. One can only wonder what was the attraction of the other world. He was famous, his face known to hundreds of millions, his talents praised by those in his occupation. Some viewed him as a super performer, and none regarded his talents with scorn. He was a man destined to greatness in his profession, but, for some mysterious reason, heroin was a greater attraction than money or fame or awards.

Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose. Today, hundreds, if not thousands in the world will die of a drug overdose. Their deaths will go unnoticed, no concern as to why they overdosed, the simple reality is they did overdose. It was a quiet death, most probably, Mr. Hoffman never even knew his last performance was Death in the Afternoon. Unfortunately, it is a play that should never again be performed.