Death In The Afternoon In Afghanistan

The fight in Afghanistan continues with death and destruction as Taliban and al-Qaeda forces resist the new American forces in the area. Three Americans were killed in an ambush when attacked by rocket propelled grenades and guns. Lost in the discussion concerning the ongoing attacks by the Taliban is a simple question — where do their troops obtain the weapons and ammunition to continue fighting? The only logical answer is that arms arrive from Pakistan which supposedly is an ally of NATO and American forces fighting in Afghanistan. Until the supply lines are cut for the Taliban we can expect continued death for western soldiers who are fighting to protect the current Afghan government.

In the meantime, Afghanistan’s top vice president broke from the Karzai ticket to join a competing ticket for the presidency. The chaos of fighting is only matched by the chaos of politics in which men with corrupt backgrounds compete for the position of president so they can continue corruption. To what extent does this corruption result in more guns and ammunition for the Taliban?